We inspect the following
 ATLAS Bulk / Break Bulk Cargo Bulk / Break Bulk Cargo
ATLAS Liquid Cargo Liquid Cargo
ATLAS Container Surveys Container Surveys
ATLAS Engineeing Surveys Engineeing Surveys
ATLAS Investigation Surveys Investigation Surveys
ATLAS Insurance Surveys Insurance Surveys
ATLAS Testing And Analysis Testing And Analysis
Water Testing
Wear Metals
ATLAS Bulk / Break Bulk Cargo
ATLAS Bulk / Break Bulk Cargo
  • Pulses, Food grains and Cereals

  • Oil Seeds

  • Oil Cakes and Extractions

  • Spices and Condiments

  • Animal Produce

  • Food and Drug Products

  • Fish, Bone and Meat Meals

  • Vegetables and Fruits

  • Fertilizers

  • Ores and Minerals

  • Coal, Cement and Clinker

  • Pulp and Newsprint

  • Metals, Scrap Metals and Alloys

  • Cotton

  • Sugar

  • Chemicals, Drugs and Pharmaceuticals

  • Pesticides, Fungicides and Herbicides

  • Forest / Wood / Timber

Our Services cover the following
  • Vessel Draft Surveys

  • Barge Draft Surveys

  • Inspection of Holds filters for cleanliness and suitability to load the cargo

  • Weight Control

  • Tally Control

  • Inspection of Packing and Marking

  • Inspection and sampling of cargoes  prior to shipment and post discharge sampling

  • Testing and Analysis

  • Loading and Discharging Surveys

  • Fumigation Inspection

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